New Publication: ICT, Transparency and Corruption

A new SPIDER anthology will be released in November 2010: ICT4D: Increasing transparency & fighting corruption through ICT – empowering people & communities. The articles are written by Åke Grönlund (Örebro University), Georg Neumann (Transparency International), Walid Al-Saqaf (Örebro University) and me, Johan Hellström (Stockholm University).

My article will explore the role of mobile technology as a means to promote good governance, strengthen participation, increase accountability and fight corruption. It will give a general overview of governance related mobile services looking into the specifics of mobile technology as a way to fight corruption. For a better understanding of both the potential and challenges in using mobile technology, it will analyse relevant cases with a focus on Uganda. The paper draw from data through desk research and field work carried out in East Africa. In-depth interviews, meetings and discussions with key stakeholders in East Africa was conducted.


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