ICT + Democracy = True?

FUF Seminar: ICT + Democracy = True?
22 April, 18-20 Hotel Rival, Mariatorget
The rapid spread of information and communication technology, ICT, creates new opportunities for making information available instantly and at low cost. It can be used to seek, receive and create information by anyone, at any time and for any purpose. Citizens can thereby bypass traditional and official media channels, but ICT also make government control and surveillance possible.

Join us in a seminar focusing on ICT for empowerment and democracy! Coffee and tea served from 6 pm.

Participants: Walid Al-Saqaf , PhD Researcher in Media & Software Development, Örebro University. Creator of Yemen News Portal, specialist in Internet censorship circumvention. Helen Belcastro, FUF, and Policy Specialist in Education & ICT at Sida. Max Gnipping, International Coordinator for Ung Pirat, the youth section of the Swedish Pirate party. Johan Hellström, PhD Researcher in ICT & Good Governance, Stockholm University, Running UPGRAID which undertakes consultancies in the ICT4D field. Amara Thiha, Graduate Student, Uppsala University, Specialist in e-Participation, e-Democracy & counter insurgency strategies. Carl Fredrik Wettermark, Head of Section, Division for ICT policy, Swedish Government Offices.
Read more about the seminar at http://www.fuf.se


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