Articles on ICT and/for good governance

I will here map some interesting articles on using ICT to improve governance and transparency (yes, the list will eventually grow).

Keywords: Accountability, Transparency, Corruption, Anti-Corruption, Voice, Public Administration, E/M-Government, E/M-Governance, Developing.

  • “A Model for Impact of E-Government on Corruption: Exploring Theoretical Foundations”: Article that connects to a few theoretical frameworks which are relevant to corruption studies, and reviews the mechanisms by which e-government reduces or eliminates corruption. Also a conceptual model of e-government’s anti-corruption impacts.
  • “M-government framework” from Institute of Informatics, St. Cyril and Methodius University:  Article on how to get public sector IT systems geared to interoperability with citizen’s mobile devices. A mobile public services framework that incorporate five principles: Interoperability, Security, Openness, Flexibility and Scalability. A short survey report for Macedonia is presented.
  • “Electronic Government, an International Journal (EG)” (ISSN: 1740-7508  –  ISSN Print: 1740-7494): Journal on that aims to help professionals working in the field, academic educators and policy makers to contribute, to disseminate knowledge, and to learn from each others’ work through cutting-edge thinking in e-government.
  • John Githongo on the impacts of technology. John is an anti-corruption activist and chair of the organizations Zinduko and Twaweza in Kenya. Twaweza (Swahili “we can make it happen”) is a 10 year initiative that was launched last year. “It seeks to enable people in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to improve their quality of life by getting them to become more informed and motivated, and thereby holding their governments accountable.” ICT and especially mobile phones play an important role and “are fast becoming vital for distributing news, and are a valuable tool to help citizens become powerful agents of sustainable change”. 

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